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Joe Arpaio-Foe Paul Penzone and Republican Grant Woods Vote, and Woods on "Chenal-Gate"

Democratic sheriff's candidate Paul Penzone was joined by two prominent Arizona Republicans Friday morning, as he cast his ballot at the Maricopa County Elections tabulation center downtown.

Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods and Rich Dozer, one-time president of the Arizona Diamondbacks, both GOPers, were on hand to show their support, and in Woods' case, to vote early as well.

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Woods told me afterward that he split his ticket, voting for Congressman Jeff Flake for U.S. Senate, Mitt Romney for President, and Penzone for sheriff.

I asked him if he thought many other Rs would do likewise. He said he wasn't sure, and then noted the obvious problems with this race.

"One is there's a phony independent candidate on the ballot siphoning votes away," he noted. "Two, Arpaio has spent an enormous amount of money."

Concerning point number one, Woods, along with several other local power-brokers made an effort this summer to encourage Stauffer to exit the race.

Phoenix attorney Mike Manning approached Stauffer directly on behalf of Woods, former U.S. Attorney Paul Charlton, former Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley, ex-Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard, former Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris, and ex-Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon.

Manning tried to set up a meeting with the wannabe-spoiler, but Stauffer told Manning that he was determined to stay in the race, though his tiny fraction of the vote may end up sealing the deal for Arpaio.

In other words, Stauffer is more concerned with self-aggrandizement and his pathetic attempt to rationalize his lame existence on this Earth, than actually removing Arpaio from power.

But you knew that.

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