Joe Arpaio Forced to Read New Times Feature on His Ties to Extremist Groups

I take perverse pleasure in these two clips from lawyer David Bodney's recent interrogation of Sheriff Joe in a deposition in the big Melendres vs. Arpaio racial profiling lawsuit. Here, Joe's forced to review my May 2009 cover story "Ja, Joe!," which details Arpaio's links to extremist groups such as United for a Sovereign America. The article also describes the ideological support the sheriff receives from neo-Nazis and other racists.

Sheriff Joe reviews this reporter's May 2009 cover story "Ja, Joe!"

Arpaio claimed in the depo that he never reads New Times, I know differently. Arpaio pores over every word written about him. He can't help it. He's an egomaniac. In fact, I suspect that's why he welcomes support from nativist, anti-Latino organizations such as USA. Pretty much anyone who likes Joe gets liked back.

It's absolutely outrageous that USA-member, bigot and convicted public urinator Buffalo Rick Galeener essentially provided the casus belli for one of Arpaio's sweeps by circulating a petition in the Phoenix Palomino neighborhood where the dragnet ultimately took place. Out of hundreds of businesses in the area, Galeener got eight to sign on.

Part two of the segment dealing with Arpaio's links to Buffalo Rick and other extremists.

When the anti-Hispanic sweep occurred in March of last year, the MCSO headquarters at Bell and Cave Creek Roads nearly turned into the site of a mini-riot. Instead of keeping the peace, which is Arpaio's number one job as sheriff, he endangered the peace. And by cavorting with and encouraging extremists, Arpaio has permanently blackened his own name, as well as the reputation of the department under his command.

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