Joe Arpaio Hates on New Times, Blows His Lid in Vid with New York Journos

Joe goes ballistic on two journos from NYC

He hates us, he really does hate us! Yes, the mere mention of New Times (or the East Valley Tribune) causes Grampa Joe to fly out of his chair and run looking for his top PR flack Lisa Allen during this vid. You can't imagine how satisfying it is to know that he cares. (Sniff.) 

The video is part of footage shot by an independent team out of New York, from an interview that took place in June. At one point, Arpaio "stops" the interview to look for Allen, because he's being asked questions based on reports from New Times and the Trib. (He's still wearing the mike as he steps outside his office. I could almost swear he refers to the reporters as "hippies," but I can't be sure.) But Joe being Joe, he returns and keeps on yammering for another hour or so until the gun moll-ish Allen finally appears.

"I don't mind talking to them," Arpaio tells Allen. "And I think I've been pretty favorable to them, even though they're asking questions about the so-called Justice Department investigation. But they keep quoting the New Times! The typical thing."

Apparently, Joe didn't want the interview to veer off course from his immigration abuses, into the catalogue of corruption and jailhouse deaths he continues to accumulate during his tenure as Maricopa County's top constable.

The woman interviewing Arpaio off-camera is the Brooklyn-based journalist Isabel Macdonald, who's written for the group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, and currently writes for AlterNet. Macdonald told me that she came west to interview Joe after penning a piece for FAIR about him. She said that when she started asking Arpaio about stuff she'd read in New Times, "he just totally erupted."

Macdonald says she has loads more video of Joe blurting out dumb lines and generally making a boob of himself. She's just begun putting it up piecemeal on her new YouTube site, "ArpaioLosesIt."

In another excerpt, Joe crows, "I could get elected on pink underwear, I don't need the illegal immigration to get re-elected. Believe me." He continues by claiming that essentially his legacy, what he'll be remembered for, will be pink underwear.

Bzzt. Wrong, again, Joe. What you're going to be remembered for being -- fairly or not -- is a Hispanic hater, a bigot, a megalomaniac, and a 21st Century George Wallace (without the redemption at the end). Your children, and your children's children will be ashamed to be related to you, if they aren't already. Generally, you will be despised and spat upon, far and wide. Hell, you're practically there already. Not that you mind the infamy, of course.

Macdonald's videographer was Mark W. Read, from Deep Dish TV. Kudos to both for sharing. Can't wait to see what else they post in the near future from this video archive of theirs.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.