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Joe Arpaio "Helps" Childhelp: Nonprofit Takes Blood Money Despite 501c3 Status (w/Update)

What do you do when you're Sheriff Joe Arpaio and your name is practically a byword for the neglect of sex crime cases involving women and children?

You use your political fundraising machine to shill for a national nonprofit that benefits abused kids, sort of like a petroleum company donating to local charities after a big oil spill, or a sheriff known for chain gangs and wrongful deaths in his jails, hugging up to an ex-inmate in a campaign ad.

Which explains this latest gag-inducing fundraising e-mail from the Arpaio campaign, apparently sent en masse to the same extensive e-mail list that's enabled Joe to raise millions from alter kocker wingnuts in all 50 states.

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The e-mail solicits donations on behalf of Childhelp, a nonprofit corporation that, ironically, is committed to assisting children like those Arpaio's agency failed in El Mirage and elsewhere.

A tidy piece of propaganda this is, and an insult to the unfortunate children who were victimized repeatedly because the MCSO had different priorities, like, sending deputies to Honduras or ginning up charges on Arpaio's political enemies, for instance.

No doubt Arpaio and his bag-carrier Chad Willems of Summit Consulting had themselves a good ol' grin about this sleazy campaign sleight of hand.

That's because Arpaio's Democratic challenger Paul Penzone was, not too long ago, a Vice President of the organization's special projects and prevention programs.

But it takes two to tango, and Childhelp is no victim, but a willing participant in Arpaio's exploitation of its good name for campaign purposes.

"Sheriff Joe Supports Childhelp!" exclaims Childhelp's website, next to a photo of a grinning Joe.

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