Feathered Bastard

Joe Arpaio Hunts Hispanics in Avondale, as Janet Napolitano Twiddles Her Thumbs

KTAR 92.3 FM, the unofficial PR arm of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's MCSO, has announced that the sheriff's department is conducting one of its notorious anti-immigration sweeps in the West Valley town of Avondale today and Friday. According to an article on KTAR's Web site, the command post for the sweep will be at the sheriff's command substation near Dysart Road and Van Buren.

So now we can expect more harassment of law-abiding Latinos, more Hispanic moms being dragged away from their children, and more civil rights violations that involve the mistreatment and beatings of detainees.

Where is the Obama administration in all this? Currently, D.C. is consumed with the Bush-era torture memos that have been released on the order of the Obama White House. What about the brutality by Arpaio's 287(g)-trained, federally deputized men, a brutality directed at Hispanic moms, workers, cooks, and landscapers, a brutality that's going on right now? When will Janet Napolitano's Department of Homeland Security finally jerk Apaio's 287(g) agreement, under which the MCSO's 287(g)-men are trained to enforce federal immigration law?

Maricopa County waits for justice as DHS director Napolitano twiddles her thumbs. Is she compromised by her past politcal alliance with Arpaio? Or is she just too cowardly to act? Either way, she is complicit in the Constitutional and human rights violations that are occurring today, and every day, under the rule of Arpaio, a corrupt bully empowered by a grant of federal authority. 

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Stephen is a former staff writer and columnist at Phoenix New Times.
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