Joe Arpaio: "I Don't Use Computers" -- as Posted on His Twitter Page

It's no secret that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio doesn't know how to use a computer. It's also obvious that he uses "ghost Tweeters" to update his Twitter page. But to have his minions (under the guise of being Arpaio) brag about his computer illiteracy in a forum that can only be accessed by a computer has us laughing this afternoon.

Note the gratuitous plug for Cave Creek-based J.C. Business Machines.

We spoke with Duane from J.C. Business Machines this afternoon, and were shocked to learn that he's never donated a dime to Arpaio's campaigns -- as confirmed by Arpaio's most recent campaign finance report, which you can take a look at here.

However, Duane did say one of the sheriff's public-relations people told him he would be "Tweeting" about his store and how Arpaio's an "old school" guy who still uses a typewriter.

Arpaio's boasting about his computer illiteracy coincides with a note his opponent in next year's election, Scottsdale Lieutenant Mike Stauffer, posted on his Facebook page with the title "Technology Challenged Arpaio Compromises Everyone's Safety." Check it out below:

I had the opportunity to work with the MCSO Air Unit today on a call for service. The deputies did a great job and I appreciate their skill and dedication. Many agencies in Maricopa County rely on the MCSO for air support and other specialized responses.  However, we were frustrated by the inability of the antiquated MCSO radio system their helicopters are equipped with to work with other agencies. The delay while we waited for updates to be relayed through two communication centers to the officers on the ground was a cause for concern.

Law enforcement has been working on improving the communications between agencies for many years and most of the agencies are working well together and have compatible communications technology.

Arpaio's neglect for even the most basic technology needs of his agency has stagnated the MCSO's ability to work smoothly with the other agencies in the county. His refusal to cooperate with other agencies and form partnerships for public safety service delivery is compromising the effectiveness of the MCSO. We, as residents of the county rely on MCSO to be ready to provide assistance to our local police agencies with vital specialized equipment and personnel. Arpaio's continued waste of funds on pet projects, intimidation, lawsuits, etc. could ultimately put law enforcement personnel and you in harm's way.

It's time for a sheriff who is current on law enforcement technology, knows what is needed to do the job, and is focused on providing the best equipment for the employees and the public. As sheriff, I will prioritize the modernization of the MCSO's technology to 21st century standards. I will form partnerships with other law enforcement agencies on all levels to maximize cost effective strategies that will improve service delivery while being fiscally responsible.

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