Joe Arpaio: Illegal Immigrants Avoiding Maricopa County -- Except for the 10 Arrested Last Night in North Valley

Maricopa County's corrupt top cop, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, claims smugglers transporting drugs and illegal immigrants are avoiding Maricopa County to avoid run-ins with him.

That said, 10 illegal immigrants smuggled into the United States on their way to California and North Carolina, were arrested by the MCSO's Human Smuggling Unit in the North Valley last night -- and there in lies the irony/bold-face lie.

However, according to Arpaio, "intelligence sources" tell him the smugglers are choosing to use alternate routes through Arizona after crossing the border to avoid the sheriff and his tough-guy antics.

In addition to the illegal immigrants, and adding to the hilarity of Joe's claim that smugglers are avoiding Maricopa County, the sheriff announced today a recent seizure of a ton of marijuana abandoned by smugglers as they escaped authorities -- a technique the sheriff feels is a desperate measure used by said smugglers to avoid getting sent to one of his gulags.

"This sheriff will continue to enforce all state and federal laws combating human smuggling and illegal drug trafficking within Maricopa County," Arpaio grumbles in a press release issued today.

According to Joe, his regime has arrested 2,500 illegal aliens. Simultaneously, he's cost Maricopa County taxpayers more than $100 million defending himself from lawsuits in that same time period.

We crunched the numbers, that's about $40,000 in taxpayer money per illegal immigrant Arpaio's busted since becoming sheriff. What a (gulp!) bargain he's been.

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