Joe Arpaio Issues Press Release to Point Out People From Other Countries Work at MCSO

After a review of MCSO's hiring practices, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has issued a press release to assure the public that not everyone working for the Sheriff's Office is a white-skinned American.

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The press release says that since 2003, MCSO has hired 93 people who are in the country on *gasp* green cards.

Don't worry, nativists, they're not all Mexicans. These 93 people are from 33 different countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ghana, Romania, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Serbia, Japan, and multiple Latin-American countries.

About 30 percent of those 93 green-card-carrying MCSO employees are from Mexico and other Latin-American countries.

"In fact, according to Arpaio, people of Latino heritage comprise 23% of his overall workforce," the press release says.

This may (or may not) be a total coincidence, but on Tuesday, a federal judge rejected a request from Arpaio's lawyers to throw out the Justice Department lawsuit against him, which accuses the MCSO and its alleged "culture of bias" of discriminatory policing -- more on that from us later today.

But Arpaio's press release claims he likes minorities, or something.

"Urban police departments have an easier time recruiting minorities than a more rural law enforcement agency like the Sheriff's Office," Arpaio's canned statement says. "But we have done an excellent job reaching out to minorities and to green card holders, and military veterans in order to amass a culturally diverse workplace."

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