Feathered Bastard

Joe Arpaio Kneels Before Federal Power, Complies with Judge's Enforcement Order

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On April 15, after Arpaio had been stung by adverse media, Casey rescinded the sheriff's offer and asked for a do-over.

Ticked, Snow issued an "enforcement order" on April 17, instructing the MCSO to send out the document to all MCSO employees.

Arpaio replied with a statement saying this would be done.

But, of course, the MCSO soon came back to Snow, asking if it could exempt everyone on the jail side of the agency from their court-ordered homework.

Snow allowed an exemption for jail volunteers and a few others, but that's it.

According to Farnsworth, 780 unpaid jail volunteers were exempted, per the order.

Posse staff are not exempted, but so far, only about 78 percent of the MCSO's 1,892 posse members have complied.

Farnsworth indicated that the corrective statement was disseminated to MCSO personnel via "e-mail distribution," with readers signing attestation logs.

Random oral testing on general comprehension was done by supervisors. And one of the monitor's staff quizzed some MCSO employees on comprehension.

All of the paperwork involved has been made available for the monitor's inspection, according to Farnsworth.

One amusing moment occurred when Casey asked Farnsworth about the MCSO's "truth-telling policy," which supposedly punishes dishonesty with termination.

Casey described the policy as "you lie, you die."

Were that true, Arpaio himself would have died a thousand deaths, long ago.

At least a thousand.

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