Joe Arpaio Launches 14th Crime and Immigration Sweep; Will They Save the Public Records This Time?


Beware if you've got brown skin -- Sheriff Joe Arpaio has begun another crime sweep.

Maricopa County's sheriff says he's turning up the heat once again on illegal immigrants. His 14th such effort, according to the Associated Press, is focusing on "drop houses, drug violators and human smuggling vehicles."

If that's true, and you can't always believe what the Sheriff's Office says, this sweep will be  different from others in which illegal immigrants committing minor vehicle violations apparently were the prime target. He also managed to hassle lots of brown-skinned U.S. citizens and legal aliens.

Previous sweeps have resulted in landscapers busted in Arpaio's home town of Fountain Hills, political enemies getting shown who's boss, vehicle passengers charged with offenses that aren't actual crimes, and a troublesome lawsuit.

About 400 deputies and posse members are taking part in the new sweep. Presumably, all have been instructed in how to destroy the pertinent public records associated with the event.

This time, of course, they're probably hoping the county won't make back-up copies.




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