Joe Arpaio Messing Around With a Lamb? Sheriff and Gang Joke About Sex and Sheep in Secret Recording


More humor from the secret recording of a command staff meeting at the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office made on July 27, 2009 by Frank Munnell:

Joe Arpaio is grousing over a quip made by longtime Valley reporter Howie Fischer on a PBS Horizon roundtable that Arpaio was "bulletproof" and would be re-elected unless he was caught "in bed with a live sheep."

Arpaio: "I don't think that's a nice thing to say."

Lisa Allen (Arpaio's spokeswoman): "I think you said that yourself."

Arpaio: "What, no, I'd never say that."

Allen: "No, you said sheep, you're right."


But Fischer said this on TV, Arpaio complains.

Deputy Chief Paul Chagolla, Arpaio's perenially pissed-off former spokesman, responds: "Here's the Godfather of the Capitol saying you're bulletproof, and you're pissed off at him?"

"I don't like being connected to lambs," Arpaio tells him. "My wife's maiden name is Lamb. Oh, very interesting."

"So you are connected to the lamb?!" Lisa Allen blurts out.

"Yeah, don't tell Howie that," Arpaio says. "Ha, going after my wife, saying the only way I could get defeated is messing around with my wife, who's name is lamb."

Arpaio then mentions that he'd be criticized if he called Mayor Gordon a "shithead," and implies he'd be more sensitive if Gordon were caught with a lamb.

"Now, if it's the fire chief, that's different because he really was caught with a lamb," Arpaio jokes, referring to a case from years ago in which a Mesa deputy fire chief was caught with his pants down next to a lamb. "

The conversation occurs in the 65-page transcript of the recording made by Munnell, which was part of the SCA report we posted yesterday. (The transcript is in the fourth PDF, page 54 of the PDF.)


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