Tent City.
Tent City.

Joe Arpaio Now Has a Plan for Keeping Tent City Inmates Warm

Despite claiming that his Tent City jail is a "concentration camp," Sheriff Joe Arpaio sure seems accommodating.

Not only do we get press releases from the Sheriff's Office letting us know that Arpaio's cooling off the inmates when it's hot, but we now have a press release from MCSO letting us know that Arpaio's doing just about everything but cuddling with the inmates at night to keep them warm while the temperatures are low.

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The self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in America "would like families and friends of inmates incarcerated in Tent City to know that their loved ones will be fine, despite the low temperatures," today's press release says.

Inmates will have access to an unlimited amount of blankets, 24-hour access to a heated room, and hot chicken broth will be added to the evening meal for an "added touch."

There's no mention of warm milk, cookies, or bedtime stories.


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