Joe Arpaio Now Off to a Farm Near Democratic National Convention for No Relevant Reason

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After being relegated to a speaking role at a zoo near the Republican National Convention last week, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio now is listed as being a speaker at a farm near the Democratic National Convention this week.

Arpaio's scheduled to speak tomorrow at "Rock the Red," a Republican-oriented event that's being held at the Hunter Farm in Weddington, North Carolina -- a town of almost 10,000 people, located around 20 miles from Charlotte.

The event was supposed to include country music acts Charlie Daniels and Travis Tritt, but according to the Charlotte Business Journal, organizers failed to pay for the venue rental in Charlotte, thus thoroughly screwing up everything.

The big-name musical acts have been replaced with some local folks, and speakers include politicians from the Carolinas, a 16-year-old blogger, and Arpaio.

If anyone has an idea of what this has to do with heading up a county law-enforcement agency in Arizona, feel free to let us know.

Also, don't forget BirtherFest is later this month.

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