Joe Arpaio Orders a Go-Kart Race and an Immigrant Roundup for His 80th Birthday

There were no blind people around to ruin Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's birthday this year, so he sent the boys in beige to round up some brown folks, then went to race go-karts.

Illegal-immigrant roundup/"employer sanctions operation" number 61 took place this mornings at a car parts store in Phoenix called Autofit, and deputies nabbed six people.

For once, though, the actual employer was arrested, but it's probably because he attacked a Telemundo camera guy.

Arpaio issued a statement saying people shouldn't attack reporters.

Apparently in the mood for rambling, the Sheriff adds that the Supreme Court's ruling on SB 1070 "will not alter" MCSO's enforcement methods, no matter how the ruling goes.

As for today's gift to Arpaio, the six people arrested MCSO's nabbed a total of 633 people through 61 roundups.

Arpaio's allegedly turning 80 on this June 14 -- he's never released his birth certificate to the public -- which happens to be the same birthday as some real great characters like Donald Trump, Che Guevara, and Boy George. The Roswell UFO crash anniversary is also today.

A picture of Arpaio wearing a helmet and giggling in one of the go-karts also exists.

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