Joe Arpaio Pal Thayer Verschoor to Take Over for Brett Mecum as AZ GOP's Executive Director, Sources Say

With the ouster of now-former Executive Director of the Arizona Republican Party Brett Mecum, Thayer Verschoor, a veteran of the Arizona Legislature and short-lived communications director for the AZ GOP, is getting a promotion.

Sources tell New Times Verschoor has been slated to take over for Mecum as executive director of Arizona's dysfunctional Republican Party.

Following a failed attempt to get elected treasurer of Arizona, Verschoor took the gig as communications director. He's been Party Chairman Tom Morrissey's number one cheerleader ever since. Click here to see a gushing email Verschoor recently sent out in regards to his main man Morrissey.

Verschoor served eight years in the Arizona Legislature, and has the backing of all the usual suspects in the far-right-wing-nut fringe of the state's Republican Party, including state Senate President Russell Pearce, and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Arpaio once pimped Verschoor's campaign for treasurer with the following:

"In these challenging times for all Arizonans, it is important that they have a protector of their tax dollars who has demonstrated leadership in fighting for smaller government and economic growth. Senator Verschoor is the one candidate for State Treasurer who has fought for Arizonans' financial safety and security in the same manner that I have fought for their physical safety and security and I am proud to endorse him for Arizona State Treasurer."

Mecum was given the boot yesterday following a series of incidents of immaturity, including a simulated superhero blowjob, being "creepy around women," allegedly selling political endorsements, and apparently disregarding posted speed limits on a Valley highway. 

Click here for all the details on Mecum's misdeeds.

Verschoor did not immediately respond to New Times request for comment.

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