Joe Arpaio Pays Dennis Gilman the Ultimate Compliment, Better Than E.J. Montini's Pizzas

The nativists love to hate Dennis Gilman, the activist/videographer who's always documenting their dirty deeds. And there's no love lost between the MCSO and Gilman either. Joe Arpaio's deputy dips have threatened to arrest him several times, all for exercising his constitutional right to monitor law enforcement.

If the MCSO were a clean, professional agency, Gilman wouldn't bother its deputies. But it isn't, so it's deeply p.o.'d, and desperate for payback. Check this latest Twitter by Sheriff Arpaio, posting a pic of Gilman in the act of filming a sheriff's deputy. Gilman's not bothering the guy, he's acting as a citizen journalist, and bird-dogging the coppers as he should.

"These activists with cameras try to intimidate my deputies from doing their jobs," gripes Joe, or, more likely, one of the flunkies in his employ.

Pardon me, shurf, but if I were you, I'd be a little less worried about an activist with a camera, and a little more concerned about the federal indictment you're likely going to receive soon as a Valentine's Day card. Maybe a one-way trip to Honduras with David Hendershott is in order. No doubt Lisa Allen can score you a cheap ticket.

As for the Twitter itself, I'm sure it made Gilman's day. I'll bet he wouldn't trade it for a boatload of E.J. Montini's pizzas.

You can check out Gilman's work at his YouTube site HumanLeague002. USADefender1, eat your bloody heart out, bub.

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