Joe Arpaio Pimps Stooge Mike Stauffer and Lies About Paul Penzone

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How often do you see a politician pimping the website of his or her opponent?

Well, if all candidates had a diversionary third-party in their race, intended to drain votes from their main competitor, stooge-pimping of the kind seen in the mailer above from Sheriff Joe Arpaio's camp would be a lot more common.

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The stooge in question is Moe-wannabe Mike Stauffer, a guy who is either delusional or on the payroll or both. This not so-subtle mailer helps out Stauffer by tearing down Democratic candidate Paul Penzone and directing recipients to a video on Stauffer's website where he declares he'd do away with Tent City.

Apparently, this marshmallow-mouth would convert it into a farm of some kind for county inmates to work. You know, because the MCSO's chain-gang has been such a hit.

Goofball Stauffer figures we need to go back to some of that ole-timey incarceration corruption, like in Brubaker, or The Shawshank Redemption.

(Wonder if Mr. Green Jeans got the idea from playing FarmVille?)

The flyer claims that both Stauffer and Penzone want to close Tent City, but that's wrong.

Penzone has not said that he would close Tent City. Rather, he's said that he'll keep it as long as it's needed, but that he will beef up the staffing and security to make sure it's safe.

Not that you'd expect accurate info from Sheriff Joe. That guy wouldn't know the truth if it French-kissed Ava and gave her mono.

Joe's mailer continues with a DeeDee Blase-style distortion of what happened in a 2003 altercation Penzone had with his ex-wife, which everyone should be plenty sick of hearing about by now.

Mentioned is the fact that Penzone's ex filed an order of protection against him during their messy divorce. Of course, she did that after Penzone had her served with a protection order. Eventually, the judge dismissed both orders and granted Penzone and his ex joint custody of their son.

The Glendale city attorney declined prosecution in the incident, which Penzone reported to the cops. Though I was the first to report on the incident, every news outlet in the county has covered it now, pretty much. Hopefully, most voters have gotten the correct message.

Basically, this mailer is free advertising for Stauffer, who hasn't had the cash to run an ad or do his own mailer. By equating Stauffer and Penzone, while highlighting Penzone's altercation with the ex, the propaganda means to push gullible undecideds to Stauffer.

It's the closest link to date between Arpaio and Stauffer. The Republiucan-turned-Independent should consider it an unreported campaign contribution of sorts from his dear old Uncle Joe.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.