Feathered Bastard

Joe Arpaio Pimps Stooge Mike Stauffer and Lies About Paul Penzone

How often do you see a politician pimping the website of his or her opponent?

Well, if all candidates had a diversionary third-party in their race, intended to drain votes from their main competitor, stooge-pimping of the kind seen in the mailer above from Sheriff Joe Arpaio's camp would be a lot more common.

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The stooge in question is Moe-wannabe Mike Stauffer, a guy who is either delusional or on the payroll or both. This not so-subtle mailer helps out Stauffer by tearing down Democratic candidate Paul Penzone and directing recipients to a video on Stauffer's website where he declares he'd do away with Tent City.

Apparently, this marshmallow-mouth would convert it into a farm of some kind for county inmates to work. You know, because the MCSO's chain-gang has been such a hit.

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