JOE ARPAIO POLICE STATE: Video of Sal Reza's False Arrest

Is this America, or is this a Third World dictatorship? You decide.

Puente has posted this new video of Phoenix civil rights leader Sal Reza's arrest Friday. Literally, it looks like something out of a film by Costa-Gavras. The sort of thing that happens in Third World dictatorships. That is, a political opponent being arrested by a group of paramilitary thugs in the employ of an authoritarian ruler.

As you know if you've read my recent report on Reza's release from the Fourth Avenue Jail, even the county prosecutor had to admit during Reza's initial appearance that there was no probable cause for his arrest on a charge of "obstructing a judicial proceeding." The judge also found that to be the case before releasing Reza on his own recognizance.

You should note the behavior of these MCSO goons as they cuff a peaceful, unarmed man. One of them even has his hand on his gun at all times. This sickening display is law enforcement in the United States of America? 

I hope Reza sues the county for every red cent he can get. Moreover, the U.S. Department of Justice should immediately begin an investigation of this incident for violations of Reza's civil rights, and to determine if federal statutes concerning abuse of power have been broken.

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