Joe Arpaio Pulls Off Immigrant Roundup Number 60; Four Furniture Store Workers Arrested

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio put the 60th notch in his illegal-immigrant roundup/"employer sanctions operation" belt today, as deputies nabbed four people at a Tempe office furniture store.

Running off another "tip," deputies went to Interior Solutions in Tempe this morning, arresting four people believed to be in the country illegally on identity-theft charges.

Despite running the 60th "employer sanctions operation," the Sheriff's Office says deputies had a chat with the owner about the allegedly stolen identities, and no action was taken against the employer.

If you're just tuning in to the operations after the 60th running, employer sanctions happen to be rare during the "employer sanction" operations.

The running total, according to the MCSO, of suspected illegal immigrants arrested after the 60 operations now stands at 627.

Meanwhile, Arpaio's still running at 100 percent on the identity-theft aspect, as the Sheriff's Office says all the people arrested on identity-theft charges also were found to be in the country illegally.

Arpaio still is saying he thinks he's creating jobs in the county by having his deputies arrest the ones suspected of being in the country illegally, which is old news, but he's mum on his new-found concern for voter fraud this time around.

After the 59th running of the roundups, Arpaio announced he would start forwarding the names of the people arrested to the county's elections office, just to be sure.

"To determine if there is a problem here, we are going to continue to turn over the names of everyone involved in these cases to the Elections Department to verify that this is not happening," Arpaio said last month, after nine people were hauled away from Circle B Grading & Hauling Inc. in the west Valley.

The investigation continues, MCSO says.

If anyone's looking to cook up a conspiracy theory, Interior Solutions' website says the U.S. government is a "significant purchaser of office furniture" from the company.

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