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Joe Arpaio Recall Fever Meets Two Americans at Harkins (w/Updates)

See Saturday evening's update from the county after the jump.

So Sheriff Joe Arpaio wants to make nice with Latinos now?

Pardon me while I laugh till I spit.

Though Arpaio's won re-election for an unprecedented sixth term in office, so far, as of Friday, his two opponents together garnered 47.98 percent of the vote.

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Joe scored 52 percent, a number that may shrink after all the votes are tallied.

That's a mere 4.04 percent difference, much narrower than in 2008, when Arpaio-opponent Dan Saban got 42 percent, a Libertarian candidate scored 2 percent, and Arpaio pulled 55 percent.

Add the Libertarian to what Saban got, and that's 44 percent, an 11 point win for Joe, more than double the spread this year, if Democrat Paul Penzone and Independent Mike Stauffer's numbers are added together.

So far, it looks like more than 1.3 million people voted in the sheriff's election, about the same as in 2008.

An anti-Joe recall movement would need to score 25 percent of that number in signatures of qualified electors, or around 325,000.

More than that voted against the rotter.

This election helped drain Arpaio's coffers, and various Latino groups remain mobilized by their hatred of Joe.

Can it be done? Si se puede.

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