Joe Arpaio Runs Immigrant Roundup Number 64, Takes the Opportunity to Predict Fraud in Obama Administration's Diet DREAM Act

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's boys bagged four brown people in his 64th illegal-immigrant roundup/"employer sanctions operation," and the oracle sheriff took the opportunity to make a prediction about the Obama administration's deferred-action program.

For roundup number 64 -- now officially titled "workplace criminal enforcement operation[s]" -- the boys in beige hit up Sonoran Doors, a specialty door-maker in Phoenix.

Arpaio's press release says MCSO got the tip from an "ex-employee" about workers using fake IDs.

As usual, the Sheriff's Office believes the four people arrested are illegal immigrants.

Continuing his trend of adding irrelevant statements to press releases about immigrant roundups (see: voter fraud, attacking reporters), Arpaio predicts there's going to be some fraud in the Obama administration's deferred-action program for immigrants.

"Officials overseeing this new program have cause for concern," Arpaio says. "Identity theft is a huge problem in the workplace. Mark my words. Someone will figure out how to manipulate the new deferred action program to his or her benefit."

This comes from the same guy who has been failing miserably for several months now to prove the president's birth certificate is a fraud and has been manipulated.

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