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Joe Arpaio Says Book Bashing His "Birther" Investigation is "All Wrong," Although He Didn't Quite Read it

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The book co-authored by one of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's purported "special deputies"/ex-Sheriff's Posse member is "all wrong," according to the sheriff.

Between "no comment" and "it's all wrong," Arpaio tells New Times that he didn't actually read the book apparently slamming his investigation into President Obama's birth certificate and other documents, but he's heard about it, and he's not agreeing with it.

The book, co-authored by Michelle Dallacroce and Michael Bruning -- founders of the Phoenix-based Mothers Against Illegal Aliens group -- is said to look into "the players and hints at the dangers poised by the Cold Case Posse and its public relation frenzy it has been perpetrating upon the public."

One of the things in the book we tried to verify with the Sheriff's Office late last week was the claim that conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi was given "special deputy" status, while profiting off an investigation ordered in Arpaio's name.

Arpaio's PR folks didn't respond to whether Corsi's been given "special deputy" status, and that question today is what drew the "no comment" line from Arpaio.

As for the book, as we mentioned, it doesn't really follow a logical narrative, but this part of a summary by the authors seems to make the most sense:

It is a representation of how the rule of law can be turned on its head and how the general public can be lured by repetition and dramatic affects into becoming less than respectful of the law by being duped into believing someone else's perception of the truth and the facts, evidence that is begging for an affirmative end. This story points out the players and hints at the dangers poised by the Cold Case Posse and its public relation frenzy it has been perpetrating upon the public.

It is enough to say.....All things are NOT as they appear to be....OR as the Posse would have you believe. In the end, the Author's of this book support a REAL and SERIOUS effort by the Sheriff of Maricopa County to root out the evidence as it relates to the Obama documents and to assign a REAL Deputy Investigator to take charge of this investigation, rather than to continue to allow a self-serving Reporter and an equally self-serving lead Investigator to reap financial gain and public accolades from an effort that will end in chaos and disrepute.

The authors are admitted "birthers," and seem to be pissed off that the investigation isn't being handled like a real investigation, as people have noted since about three minutes into Arpaio's big press conference in March.

The authors also claim the leader of the Surprise Tea Party was using Arpaio as part of a publicity stunt in the second "birther" press conference, not really announcing any new information but rather getting people to show up and sign a petition for the "birther" legislation -- which ended up failing anyway.

As we noted last week, there's really no real way to gauge the veracity of the claims made in the book, but it was entertaining to hear that not every member of the "birther" brigade is on board with how Arpaio, Corsi, and company are handling the so-called investigation.

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