Joe Arpaio Says He'll Make Decision About Gov's Race Monday; Says Immigration Would Not be Focal Point of Candidacy

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said on Monday that he won't make an announcement about any plans he may have to run for governor over the weekend because Vice President Joe Biden will be in Phoenix on Saturday and he "wouldn't want to take the press away" from the VP.

This morning, Arpaio appeared on KTAR's morning show and told John Hook that he plans to make his announcement on Monday.

It seems Arpaio blows smoke up everyone's ass about running for governor every four years, only to bail out at the last second, so we're not exactly holding our breath in anticipation of his candidacy.

If he were to run, Arpaio says he would not be running on a platform of immigration because the issue is not "the only part of [his] life."

He's right -- during his reign as sheriff, some of Arpaio's other interests have included dehumanizing county jail inmates, harassing political opponents, and getting sued.

Check back to Valley Fever on Monday -- we'll let you know as soon as Arpaio makes his announcement.

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