Joe Arpaio Sent Us a Christmas Card

To quote Clark W. Griswold, if we woke up tomorrow with our heads sewn to the carpet, we wouldn't be more surprised than we were when we got a Christmas note from America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff" applauding us for all the great work we do.

Granted, we just got it today, and it was sent to the wrong address (and is probably the same note he sent to every other media outlet in town), but still: Joe Arpaio sent us a Christmas card.

For anyone unfamiliar with this publication's relationship with Arpaio, let's just say it's (ahem) strained -- for example, he had the owners of New Times dragged out of their houses in the middle night and thrown in jail. On the flip side, we've been exposing the filthy laundry of Maricopa County's corrupt top-cop for nearly 20 years.

Not to mention, we're currently suing him.

Truth be told, we gave Arpaio one of our Christmas cards in December (coincidentally on the same day the Department of Justice released its report claiming that Arpaio's on the hook for having the worst racial-profiling practices in U.S. history).

The sheriff told us he liked the card because his face was "in the middle...where it should be."

See our card -- and the sheriff's note -- below.

Joe's Christmas note

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