Joe Arpaio, Serial Racist, Pimps for Anti-Hillary Clinton PAC

I can understand why Republicans despise our next president, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

She's tough, smart, seasoned, and a skilled communicator, with a tongue like a bullwhip.

And she's a Clinton.

Being a Clinton reminds folks of six words that drive the Rs ape: Eight years of peace and prosperity.

That would be during her hubby Bill's tenure. Even now, the worst thing you can say about the guy has to do with his sexual shenanigans.

The best you can say about the Bill years is pretty good. For instance, check out this historical chart of unemployment in post-WWII America. See that dip during the Clinton era? That's the way things used to be.

Add to that balanced budgets, a nonexistent deficit, and a debt that was beginning to erode, albeit gradually, and suddenly it dawns on you.

Rs despise the Clintons because, despite all of the couple's flaws, they were successful. And likely will be again, as we'll have two Clintons for the price of one starting in 2017, like we did in the '90s.

In other words, the GOPers are straight-up playa haters.

This is why the Rs have tried ginning up Benghazi into an actual scandal. Only die-hard Fox News-watchers have been up in arms. The rest of the public would rather watch Family Guy.

Another reason Hillary is likely to chin-check Rs in 2016: Racist fools like Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King are blocking immigration reform in the U.S. House.

This is what King said about DREAMers in the House Republican Caucus this week:

"You can't separate the Dream Act kids from those who came across the border with a pack of contraband on their back, and they can't tell me how they can do that."

Nice. King has also likened migrants to livestock in the past, and manufactured false stats about immigrants and crime.

The Republican Party has bent to the will of Hispanic-bashing loons like King, despite the fact they are an ever-dwindling minority.

This sure ain't the GOP of Lincoln, Ike, Reagan, George (not Mitt) Romney, and even George W. Bush, for cryin' out loud.

As GOP pollsters have noted repeatedly, without a significant chunk of the expanding Latino vote, the tuskers will never take the White House.

If Rs think 71 percent of the Latino vote going for a Dem in the 2012 presidential contest was bad, can they imagine 80 or 85 percent going for a D?

I can.

That's why I think it's hilarious that this Stop Hillary PAC, run out of some Republican lawyer's office in DC, is using a serial racist like Sheriff Joe Arpaio as a shill, a pseudo-lawman who is currently under a federal court order to stop discriminating against Latinos.

Apparently, Arpaio has lent or rented his pic and signature to this PAC, and it's using his mug to raise dough.

"I'm ready to take on a new fight, and I need your help," he advises in this emailed appeal for cash.

Arpaio encourages suckers to make their "most generous contribution" possible to help him "ensure Hillary Clinton never becomes president."

The letter goes through a series of bullet points talking about how the sky will fall and the earth open up if Hillary becomes Commander in Chief.

My fave is the threat of "Jimmy Carter-style joblessness and unemployment."

That tautology is quite amusing given President Bill Clinton's record on the economy. I mean, Team Clinton invented the slogan, "It's the economy, stupid."

Personally, I think Stop Hillary PAC's use of Arpaio is awesome.

No, really, the hate-Hillary club should run TV commercials nationally featuring Sand Land's potentate of prejudiced policing, as he discusses the dangers of a Hillary presidency.

Maybe these dufi could get King, and his pal recalled loser Russell Pearce to help out, too.

I hear alleged child molester and former Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Chris Simcox has a lot of time on his hands these days. Stop Hillary PAC should sound him out for a robo call or a voice over.

I mean, Simcox's stance on the border is virtually identical to that of the House Rs.

The same could be said of neo-Nazi baby-killing Mexican hater J.T. Ready's stance on illegal immigration. Though he's a little busy at the moment roasting in the fires of hell.

See, the more that Republican bubble-dwellers running PACs like this link themselves to the likes of Arpaio, Pearce, King, etc., the fewer votes from non-Anglos the Republican Party at large will get.

Democrats should wrap these extremists around the Republicans' necks in 2014 and 2016. They are the mangy little tail that wags the GOP schnauzer.

Latinos should not forget it. And Democrats should not let Latinos forget it.

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