Joe Arpaio Showed Up Uninvited to Joe Biden Function, According to the White House

Sounds like Joe Arpaio's been fibbing on Twitter, at least according to the White House. Vice President Joe Biden was in town for a meeting with local Dems in downtown Phoenix, and according to Biden's deputy press secretary Annie Tomasini, Joe just showed up, desperate for publicity as always.

"Sheriff Arpaio was not invited to the event," Tomasini e-mailed me, "and did not have a meeting with the Vice President. He simply shook hands with the Vice President as the Vice President was exiting the building."

Yet on Joe's Twitter page, our corrupt top constable plainly states, "Just got done meeting with the Vice President of the United States."

Um, OK, Joe. And I interviewed Bob Dylan when he was in concert at the Arizona State Fair recently. I mean, we were in the same room and all. You know, Veterans Memorial Coliseum. For some reason, he couldn't hear my questions, though.

I apologize for ever thinking Biden might have so-lowered himself, but at least I was doubtful as to whether or not it happened, and put a question mark next to the report. Over at the Phoenix Business Journal, Mike Sunnucks swallowed Joe's fib whole hog, with the header, "Arpaio tweets meeting with Vice President Biden."

Sunnucks later corrected himself. Heh.

Of course, Sunnucks is Arpaio-friendly, and practically regurgitates everything that drops from the septuagenarian's table.

The Arizona Republic bought the bull too, stating that, "[Biden] also met privately with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, although details of that meeting weren't immediately available."

Here at New Times, we remain a little more skeptical about Joe's natterings.

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