Joe Arpaio Slammed in New Attack Ad by Citizens for a Better Arizona

Cost $6,000 and worth every penny...

For years, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has successfully peddled the myth that he's "America's toughest sheriff," but his record of wasting taxpayer money, pursuing his political enemies and, worst of all, bungling the investigations of sex crimes on a massive, unprecedented scale, seems to finally be ripping the facade away from this phony lawman.

That's why I give big kudos to Citizens for a Better Arizona -- the group that put ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce out to pasture -- for releasing this slick new anti-Arpaio attack ad today. 

Reportedly, it was aired on Cox cable during the GOP presidential debate and cost around $6K. 

I'd say CBA got its money's worth.

You know, you could fill a library or three with all the articles New Times has published over the years about Arpaio's corrupt regime, one of the best of late being my colleague Ray Stern's recent cover story on the sheriff's sex crimes debacle.

Stern writes, "Victims of sex crimes -- mostly children -- in [El Mirage] and throughout the county still are paying for Arpaio's misguided policies. Rapists and child molesters got away with their crimes."

Disturbing stuff. Thing is, voters need to be pummeled with this information over and over again, so that they cannot avoid the message that a vote for Arpaio is a vote for incompetence, abuse of power, and letting sex criminals go free.

CBA's ad is yet another way of doing that. Arpaio, it seems, is in for a long, arduous election year. By the time its over, he may wish he'd resigned.

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