Joe Arpaio Sticks Up for Missing Baby Gabriel's Jailed Mom

While the public seems to view Elizabeth Johnson, mother of missing 8-month-old Gabriel Johnson, as a couple of horns short of being the devil, Sherriff Joe Arpaio says she's been a little angel while in his custody.

Johnson has been in the Estrella Jail since early this month. She has pleaded not guilty to kidnapping charges after she and her tiny son disappeared before Christmas.

While Johnson is in police custody, there's still no word on Gabriel's whereabouts. Johnson tells police she gave the baby to a couple in a park in San Antonio, Texas, but has sent the baby's father text-messages saying she killed the child and threw him in the trash.

"She's been quiet, cooperative, not a problem in our jail. Maybe she's got a dual personality," Arpaio tells KPHO.

Johnson's case has created a bit of a media circus, so Maricopa County's camera-hound of a sherriff has got to be happy to have her around.




Arpaio says Johnson is in isolation, where she is allowed out of her cage for one hour a day to shower.

"She hasn't been causing any problems," Arpaio says.

Here's one tidbit that could be considered a problem: her eight-month-old son is still missing, and she's done nothing to help anyone find him.

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