Joe Arpaio Still Too Chicken to Debate Paul Penzone? Looks Like It

Based on the new decor outside of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office, it would appear that the Sheriff is still too chicken to debate his opponent, former Phoenix police Sergeant Paul Penzone.

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It's been a couple weeks since Randy Parraz and Citizens for a Better Arizona brought live chickens up to Arpaio's pricey office on the 19th floor of the Wells Fargo Building in Phoenix, and it doesn't look like Arpaio's changed his mind on the debate since then.

CBA members had a competition to make the best "Chicken Arpaio" design, and a large version was left outside his office after the Sheriff refused to greet the protesters and personally accept the sign -- as expected, by now.

The Phoenix Police Department also greeted CBA members outside Arpaio's office, which a sergeant explained was related to "trespassing."

Still, police allowed CBA members to wallpaper the lobby of the Sheriff's office with all of their "Chicken Arpaio" posters.

Check out some photos below:

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