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Joe Arpaio Still Won, Arizona Vote Count Over

Arizona's vote count is over, and (news flash) Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio still beat Democrat Paul Penzone by 6.02 points, or 80,639 votes.

ARPAIO 679,967 50.7 PENZONE 599,328 44.68 STAUFFER 61,973 4.62

That's Joe's closest election in recent memory. The entire anti-Joe vote together equals 49.3 percent of those who voted in the race, leaving Arpaio with a 1.4 percent margin of victory, a mere 18,666 votes.

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That's not the 13 point landslide Arpaio achieved in 2008 over Democrat Dan Saban.

Arpaio had to shell out big bucks to eke out this win: more than $7.1 million, or about $10.55 for every vote he scored.

Proving, once again, as Randy Newman once sang, "It's money that matters, in the U.S.A...."

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