Joe Arpaio Stooge Mike Stauffer a "Republican Candidate," Writes West Kenyon, Campaign Manager (w/Update)

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For all of the so-called "progressives" out there who've been hoodwinked into believing former Scottsdale Police Lieutenant Mike Stauffer has arrived on a white donkey to save them from mean ol' Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the perils of partisan politics, I offer the above reminder that both Stauffer and his campaign manager West Kenyon are lifelong Reagan Republicans.

Stauffer is running as an Independent for sheriff, but he's no lefty. In fact, as was pointed out recently by a commenter to my last blog post about Stauffer-supporter DeeDee Blase, Kenyon was once chair of the Legislative District 7 Republicans, where Stauffer served under him as secretary.

It's a mystery why a small handful of supposed libs have glommed on to Stauffer and even Blase to such a degree. I can only speculate that it's Darwinism at work, a la Wendy Northcutt. Though more and more, even these L-words are waking up before Stauffer leads them, lemming-like, over the cliff into four more years of Arpaio.

Update 9/12/12 6:51 PM:

Seems West changed his mind about Stauffer being a Republican. Check it out.

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