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Joe Arpaio Stumps in Orange County, California, Sheriff's Race

A candidate for sheriff in Orange County, California, has recruited the help of "America's [self-proclaimed] toughest sheriff" in his bid to win a June election.

This afternoon, Arpaio is in the OC at a fundraiser for one of the county's candidates for sheriff, Lieutenant Bill Hunt.

Arpaio will be speaking on behalf of Hunt and attending a dinner for the candidate.

Nothing like a little (gasp) star power to jump-start a campaign.

Hunt is running against the current sheriff, Sandra Hutchens, in a repeat of the 2006 election for sheriff, which Hunt lost.

Hunt told the Associated Press this week that he admires Arpaio but, if elected, he would go about things a little differently in posher Orange County.

What, are people in the OC too upscale for midnight raids and reality shows that aren't about how hard it is to be a snotty highschool kid?

We couldn't get a hold of Huntk but on his Web site he boasts Joe's arrival with this:

Pink Underwear, Tent City: "The Vacancy Sign is Always on at the Arpaio Inn."   Sheriff Joe  is a law enforcement innovator who earned national recognition for his cost saving solutions to the problems facing modern Departments."

However, on Hunt's welcome page, people are greeted with this: "The sheriff should be in the interest of protecting people's rights, not restricting them."

Interesting. Protecting people's rights and Joe Arpaio -- the irony is palpable.

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