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Joe Arpaio Supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform? And All Aboard the Undocubus

Arpaio's Kumbaya moment comes around 28 minutes in...

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Well, I reckon we can just forget about that racial-profiling trial underway against Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office in federal court, because Sheriff Joe believes in comprehensive immigration reform.

That's right, CIR may be anathema to the nativist junta that rules the Republican Party, but to listen to Joe on the National Public Radio show "On Point," you'd think he and President Obama could sit right down and hash out this immigration issue once and for all.

"Let's have some comprehensive immigration reform, if that will ever happen," Arpaio told host Wade Goodwyn during Tuesday's broadcast. "Let's hope that next year something does happen and get this settled. If you need more visas, work permits, that's OK. I'm for all that. Just don't cross that border [and] come into this country illegally. That's all."

A video about the Undocubus from the National Day Laborer Organizing Network

Arpaio's Kumbaya moment came during a discussion of the Undocubus's trek from Phoenix to Charlotte, NC for the Democratic Convention beginning September 4. Sponsored by the local human rights group Puente, the passengers are undocumented men and women, willing to risk arrest by simply declaring their immigration status publicly through this trip.

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