Joe Arpaio Takes on "Cop-Killer" Website; Plans to Serve Search Warrant at Google's California Headquarters

Detectives from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office are heading to Santa Clara, California this afternoon, where they plan to serve a search warrant at Google headquarters to try and determine who's responsible for death threats made against Sheriff Joe Arpaio on a website that glorifies killing cops.

It's a pretty tasteless website -- it currently has a photo of slain MCSO Deputy William Coleman with the words "officer down, LOL!!!"

The author of the website even hails Coleman's killer, 30-year-old "U.F.O.-ologist" Drew Ryan Maras, as a "brave warrior," a "citizen martyr."

Below is how the author describes Coleman's shooting:

"2012 is getting off to a great start! Officer William Coleman, one of Pig Joe Arpaio's gestapo deputies, got his ass smoked - GOOD! Coleman, a top sheriff in Arpaio's racist AZ police regime, was supposedly answering a "burglarly call" in the early morning on Sunday January 8th 2012, in the north Phoenix community of Anthem (It must be noted that AZ sheriff's deps. have, in the past, routinely used "burglary calls" as a false pretext for conducting night-time terrorist raids on residential homes without a warrent, regardless of alleged criminal activity or lack there of). It was reported that pig Coleman took it right in the face, too."

So where does Arpaio come in? Well, accompanying the post on Coleman, the author of the website posted a photo of Arpaio with the words "You're Next, Joe -- watch your back, bitch!" directly above it.

Arpaio apparently considers this a credible death threat -- credible enough to send deputies all the way to California to serve a search warrant at Google's offices to try to obtain the IP address of the author of the website.

Arpaio, who claims in a press release that he "respects First Amendment rights protecting free speech," tried a few years ago to get New Times to cough up the IP addresses of anyone who visited our website -- click here to read about how well that worked out for America's priciest sheriff. 

The MCSO says it's hopeful Google will cooperate. However, the Sheriff's Office tried a few weeks ago to get Google to turn over the IP address of someone who also made an online death threat against the sheriff. According to the MCSO, "investigators have yet to receive any help from Google in establishing the IP address from which the threat originated."

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