Joe Arpaio Talks to New Times About Matt Salmon Endorsement; Salmon Sought Nod of Sheriff He Doesn't Think is "Playing With a Full Deck"

Congressional hopeful Matt Salmon didn't just accept the endorsement of a sheriff he doesn't like, he doesn't respect, he doesn't think is "playing with a full deck," and he compares to Barney Fife, he actually sought it.

That's what Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio tells New Times, anyway.

America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff" recently endorsed Salmon's candidacy in the District 6 Congressional race -- which we found pretty interesting considering some of the things Salmon's said about Arpaio in the past.

Again, the following is a rundown of what Salmon's said about the aging law dog: he doesn't like him, he doesn't respect him, he doesn't think he's "playing with a full deck," and he's compared him to TV character Barney Fife.

Click here for more Arpaio bashing, courtesy of former Congressman Salmon.

When confronted with the fact that he's given his powerful stamp of approval to a guy who compared him to Barney Fife, the sheriff says "ehh."

As we predicted, nothing's changed between Arpaio and Salmon, the sheriff says. In other words, there was no monumental apology for years of bad blood between the two men. Rather, Arpaio says, Salmon went to his office and asked for his endorsement.

"Everyone comes to my office and asks for an endorsement," the sheriff brags. He says even former President George W. Bush went to him looking for a political nod.

Arpaio says he gave Salmon a tip of his cap because he thinks he's the best man for the job.

Rewind to 2002, when Salmon ran for governor against Janet Napolitano. Not only didn't Arpaio endorse Salmon -- a fellow Republican -- but he did a TV ad for Napolitano.

Now, Arpaio says his only problem with Salmon is that "he's a better singer than I am," referencing a dinner the two attended, at which Salmon belted out a few bars, apparently impressing the sheriff.

Salmon, as we mentioned, refuses to explain his switcheroo on Arpaio. We've sent several emails to Salmon's campaign spokesman, Adam Deguire, asking for an explanation of the blatant -- but politically savvy -- flip-flop. He refuses to respond.

In Deguire's silence, we'll break it down...again: Matt Salmon sought the endorsement of a guy he doesn't like, he doesn't respect, he doesn't think is "playing with a full deck," and he compares to Barney Fife.

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