Joe Arpaio Tells ABC15 the Last Book He's Read Is the One He (Probably) Hasn't Read: His Own

ABC15, Joe Arpaio's preferred news channel, recently posted a little ditty regarding a list of Joe's favorite things and other trifles.

His favorite film? The Godfather. His favorite nickname? "Sheriff Joe." (Guess "Nickel Bag" is a little derogatory.) His favorite "gift"? His wife Ava. (Everyone together: Awwwwwwww.)

And what's the last book he's read? He says it's his 2008 offering Joe's Law.

Now, did he read it after his December 2009 deposition in the big civil rights lawsuit Melendres vs. Arpaio? Because back then, under oath, he said he hadn't read the thing. Or at least not all of it.

Asked by opposing counsel if the book reflected his views, Arpaio stated, "I'm not sure, to the best of my knowledge. I haven't reviewed the book, recently. In fact I haven't even read the book, totally."

Queried about the reconquista conspiracy theory of Mexicans attempting to reclaim the American southwest, which is posited in his memoir, he attributed such nonsense to co-author and perennial Joe-sycophant Len Sherman.

Joe even went so far as to say he disagreed with the conspiracy theory.

The 2008 book remains, in fact, a pack of prevarications and tall tales. In it, Arpaio (or Sherman on his behalf) claims to have busted the French Connection, tells stories about collaring Elvis while Joe was a young cop in Las Vegas, and so forth.

Indeed, some of the 2008 tome was lifted from Arpaio's 1996 book America's Toughest Sheriff, also co-authored by Joe-toady Len Sherman.

Did Joe read that one, I wonder? Or was that all Len Sherman's baloney too?

BTW, if you're dying for your own copy of Joe's Law, it's selling on Amazon new for less than .50 cents, and used for about a penny.

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