Joe Arpaio Twitters That Ava's Urging His Run for Guv; and Russell Pearce's Apartheid Bill Goes to House Floor

Maybe Sheriff Joe figures that if he runs for Governor of Arizona, the federal grand jury now investigating him won't indict him. Could that be why he keeps playing up the drama of a possible candidacy for Governor of Arizona?

You know, like in his latest Tweet, where he states -- as typed by one of his computer literate flunkies -- that,

"Now my wife of 53 years has joined in to urge me to run for AZ Governor. I have a big decission [sic] to make."

Yep, the first decision is whether or not he should fire the PR staffer who can't spell. The second "decission" is whether or not he should call up indicted former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, and ask for advice.

Sheriff: Rod, I like your style. Great hair! You were the Guv. Bur they indicted you anyway. What gives?

Blago: Is this phone tapped? Sheriff, you have to make sure your @#$%&*! phones ain't tapped.

Sheriff: Damn federal prosecutors, always messin' about in my bidness. I'm the shurf! Them Democrats better not tap me.

Blago: But Sheriff, I'm a Democrat. Or was...

Sheriff: It's all political, Rod. It's because of my stance on the illegals. That's why Obama wants to get me. Did I ever tell you about how I broke the French Connection?

And so it goes. Now Ava Arpaio is urging Grampa Munster to run. Hey, why not? Ava probably can't stand to have him at home, and we need the laughs.

In other news, state Senator Russell Pearce's anti-Hispanic apartheid bill SB 1070/HB 2632 goes to the House floor's Committee of the Whole tomorrow for possible debate, a possible vote, and a possible fast track to Governor Jan Brewer's desk.

Brewer's expected to sign because she's pathetic and needs to curry favor with far right-wing nativist nudniks, who probably won't vote for her in a GOP primary anyway. Especially not if Arpaio runs.

This would be the time for the pro-immigrant activists to call out the troops for some sort of action at the state Capitol. But, alas, many of the warm bodies that could be doing the protesting are on a caravan heading for the big pro-immigration rally in Washington, D.C. on March 21.

Call it activist Spring Break. Call it ironic. Call it anything you want, but many of them won't be at the Arizona Capitol to watch Pearce's state trespassing law for illegal immigrants get passed.

Assuming that's what happens, I guess I'd call them lucky. The bill does a host of other unconstitutional things, like force local gendarmes to chase after undocumented gardeners and cooks, even if someone's being murdered or raped nearby.

See, that's the kind of state Arizona is. We've got our priorities straight. Real crime doesn't bother us. But we'll be damned if we'll let some undocumented Mexican trim our trees for bupkis and get away with it. Dagnabbit.

I'm exaggerating, but not by much. Do I sound disgusted? I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused.

So I'll be down at the Capitol tomorrow watching another round of nativist nastiness.There'll be at least one activist present to keep me company: Jen Allen of Border Action Network. Her group keeps scrupulous watch on Russell Pearce's doings, as well as other matters related to immigrants and the border.

Allen says BAN plans another rally at the Governor's office on Wednesday, March 24, like the one BAN and other activist groups had last week. I'm guessing most local activists will be back from their working vacations then.

Lydia Guzman of Somos America says she'll be there to observe as well. Guess that'll make three of us to watch as Arizona burns with bigotry.

Not that I don't love the Traveling Willburys. I reckon everyone deserves the occasional road trip. Plus, those activists on vacay may have the right idea: i.e., leaving the state. (Don't get excited, haters. I wouldn't give you the pleasure.)

The problem is coming back, of course, to the land time forgot, and forgot for a reason...A place where dinosaurs like Pearce and Arpaio roam unhindered by progress, The Enlightenment or rational thought.

Crikey, what did I just step in? Sniff. Ah, yes, Pearce was here. Nothing like a little eau de oppression...Take a deep breath, my fellow Sand Landers. It's ours for some time to come.    

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.