Joe Arpaio Upset That a "Coyote" Brought Her 3-Year-Old Along for Smuggling Trip

Here's yet another way to end up in one of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's press releases: bring along your 3-year-old daughter while you're getting paid to smuggle people into the United States.

Better yet, MCSO says the 3-year-old girl was "seated between two unknown males and not properly restrained by a seatbelt."

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The van carrying eight people -- seven, plus the youngster -- was pulled over by MCSO's human-smuggling unit, MCSO says.

According to information offered up by the alleged undocumented immigrants, five of the occupants had paid the driver $1,500 a piece to get into the U.S. of A.

The other "coyote," a woman, is the one who allegedly brought her youngster along for the ride, according to the Sheriff's Office.

The five people who were smuggled into the United States said they were Mexican nationals, and crossed the border near Altar, Mexico.

They were booked into MCSO jail on state human-smuggling charges, while the other two were turned over to ICE.

According to Arpaio's recollection, this is the fifth youngster in recent history found in a car during a human-smuggling operation. One of those kids, a 6-year-old, was the subject of a rumor started by the Valley's daily paper, which claimed that deputies "arrested" the little girl.

Here's the totally heartfelt canned statement from Arpaio: "Children should never be a part of any criminal enterprise and yet we are finding them in many of our human smuggling investigations."

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