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Joe Arpaio Wants Out of Part of Judge's Latest Order, and MCSO Flack Jack MacIntyre Mischaracterizes Melendres

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This comes after a protracted, annoying dance the MCSO engaged in with Snow concerning the document, which Snow ordered into existence as a response to the MCSO's many mischaracterizations of both his findings and his final injunction against the MCSO in Melendres.

Read MCSO lawyer Eileen GilBride's latest objection to a recent order by Snow.

Initially, the MCSO agreed to the draft corrective statement and summary of the case, then balked at it, because Arpaio didn't like the press it received.

Arpaio attorney Tim Casey submitted a bunch of lame amendments, which would have injected PR spin into the statement.

Last Thursday, Snow promptly rejected these asinine amendments, and instructed that the statement be sent to all sheriff's office personnel.

Read the plaintiffs' response to GilBride's lame objections.

Also, he ordered that all command staff above the rank of sergeant read his 142-page "Conclusions of Law and Findings of Fact" and his subsequent, 59-page injunction.

That same day, the sheriff issued a statement saying that he had "directed all Sheriff's personnel to read the attached seven page statement."

Read GilBride's simpering reply to the plaintiffs' filing above.

Arpaio objected to signing the statement (the judge said he didn't have to), but he went on to assure the judge he would abide by the court's dictates.

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