Feathered Bastard

Joe Arpaio, Wells Fargo and Sal Reza: The Celebratory Dennis Gilman Video

I'm not poppin' bottles, yet. I wanna see the guy indicted first

Though I don't begrudge the celebratory nature of this latest video from Dennis Gilman, I think the dancing in the streets is a tad premature. Personally, I'm keeping my dancing shoes in storage for when (if?) Arpaio and his henchmen David Hendershott, Brian Sands, and others are indicted by a federal grand jury.

Arpaio won't go down without a trial. Plus, even if Arpaio were convicted and packed off to the federal pen, it wouldn't end all of the racist policies and laws of this state. Not by a long shot.

That said, Reza and the merry pranksters of Puente have pulled something off not many thought possible. Wells Fargo does want Arpayaso out of the tony offices in which he and his army of lackeys now revel

Denying Arpaio some of the trappings of power is at the very least a severe blow to the man's bloated ego. I reckon that's worth a hurrah. What do the psychs call that? Schadenfreude? 

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