Joe Arpaio Went Immigrant Hunting This Morning -- Bags Two Brown Folks

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio went hunting for illegals again this morning, this time at a Phoenix maid service business, where his deputies arrested a grand total of two suspected illegal immigrants, neither of whom are drug-dealing gang-bangers -- they're maids.

Per usual, the sheriff conducted his raid of the business under the guise of it being an "employer sanctions operation." Also per usual, no employers were actually arrested.

According to the MCSO, deputies served a search warrant at the business' headquarters -- located at 2521 East Bell Road in Phoenix -- this morning and seized business documents and computers.

Deputies determined that two employees were illegal immigrants using fake IDs to gain employment at the maid service business.

"ID theft is a terrible problem for its victims who are legal citizens of this country and Phoenix has a bigger than most cities as it ranks among top cities in the U.S. for the crime of stolen identities," Arpaio says in a press release (is it just us, or does that sentence not make a lick of sense?)

According to Arpaio, this morning's raid was the MCSO's 57th "employer sanctions operation" since Arpaio took office nearly 20 years ago. He says the raids have led to the arrests of 574 illegal immigrants -- 394 of whom were using fake IDs in order to work.

Again, most of those arrested are maids or dishwashers -- not drug dealers or gang-bangers.

Arpaio says the investigation into the business is ongoing. 

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