Joe Arpaio Will Run for Governor, Claims ABC 15; Paperwork "Filled Out and is Ready to File"

There is a report circulating right now, which -- if true -- confirms what many Arizona residents have been dreading for years: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will run for governor of the state of Arizona.

ABC 15 is reporting that Arpaio already has made the decision to take the plunge and will announce his candidacy on Monday.

According to "several high-ranking sources within the Sheriff's Department," all the necessary paperwork "has been filled out and is ready to file."

These sources say Arpaio has spent the last two weeks meeting with Republican brass, and several of those meetings have been to discuss Arpaio running for governor.

Check out the ABC 15 story here.

Arpaio said last week that he would not make any announcement regarding his gubernatorial plans until after the weekend because Vice President Joe Biden will be in Phoenix for a Democratic Party dinner, and the sheriff "wouldn't want to take the press away from Vice President Biden."

Arpaio would have to leave his post as sheriff if he wants to run for governor.

Arpaio said yesterday that he would make his official announcement on Monday.

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