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Joe Arpaio's Birther Investigation Blasted by Randy Parraz

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Randy Parraz and his posse of activists from Citizens for a Better Arizona want Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to come clean on using taxpayer money for an investigation into President Obama's birth certificate.

Dressed in Hawaiian garb, members of CBA were at Arpaio's executive office on the 19th floor of the Wells Fargo Building in downtown Phoenix today, demanding that the sheriff face some of the taxpayers' footing the $10,000 bill for sending an MCSO deputy to Hawaii as part of the birther probe.

At first, Arpaio claimed no taxpayer money was going to be used in investigating the often-debunked Tea Party-inspired conspiracy theory.

But that quickly changed when the sheriff sent MCSO Deputy Brian Mackiewcz to Hawaii on the taxpayer's dime, accompanying "cold-case posse" volunteer and lead birther investigator Mike Zullo.

"This is about a sheriff's betrayal of taxpayers," Parraz said at the press conference. "So we're waiting for him to retract that statement...that no public money was used for this investigation."

Saturday afternoon Channel 12's Brahm Resnik reported that for the deputy's 9-night stay at Honolulu's Ala Moana Hotel, the bill came to $1,323.

Resnik also reported that the trip should have been cleared with the county manager, as is required for county trips outside the continental U.S.

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