Joe Arpaio's "Birther" Investigation in You Write the Caption

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio may have blown it on 432 sex-crime investigations, but there's one "investigation" he's quite proud of: his "Cold Case Posse's" investigation into whether President Barack Obama's eligible to be president.

In honor of the sheriff's (embarrassing) investigation into the continuously debunked "birther" conspiracy theory (and the friggin' beating America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff" is taking in the press these days) we've opted for the above cover of Globe, one of the sheriff's favorite publications, for this week's New Times You Write the Caption contest.

Here's how you play You Write the Caption: We show you a picture (above) and you -- in the comment section of this post -- write what you think would be an appropriate caption.

On Monday, we'll announce the top-five reader captions and put them to a vote. The winner will receive a pay-your-own-way trip to the historic New Times building for a firm handshake and a lukewarm glass of Phoenix municipal tap water.

Do your worst, New Times readers
-- and, as always, let's keep the death threats to a minimum.

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James King
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