Joe Arpaio's "Birther" Investigation Slammed by Ex-Sheriff's Posse Member

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The book's not really written in any logical format. Sure, there are chapters, but there's no real narrative to the whole thing.

At one point, the authors even claim it might seem like they're trying to discredit the efforts of the investigation, but say they're really not. Every other page in the book seems to go directly against that.

That said, here's part of how the authors describe what the book's about:

It is a representation of how the rule of law can be turned on its head and how the general public can be lured by repetition and dramatic affects into becoming less than respectful of the law by being duped into believing someone else's perception of the truth and the facts, evidence that is begging for an affirmative end. This story points out the players and hints at the dangers poised by the Cold Case Posse and its public relation frenzy it has been perpetrating upon the public.

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