Joe Arpaio's Chad Willems Talks to the Shadow Army about the "Blocking Campaign" and the End of GOP Rule in Maricopa County

Willems pumps up the alter kockers with his doomsday scenario, talk of spies in the other camp, and a plan to "block" voters from signing the recall petition

As promised in this week's column, above is the audio of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's campaign guru Chad Willems speaking to the pro-Joe "shadow army" at state GOP headquarters in Phoenix on February 16.

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A concerned citizen turned the audio over to videographer Dennis Gilman and I, and Gilman created this YouTube offering using photos from that day, allowing you to experience this pathetic passel of angry old white men and women in all their decrepit glory.

Read the Shadow Army's orders from Arpaio's chief strategist Chad Willems.

Just be glad there's no smellovision as the reek of decaying flesh, soiled Depends and prune flatulence must have been overwhelming. God bless the patriotic American who helped Gilman and I with this secret mission into the heart of Republican darkness.

The audio is significant for demonstrating how scared Joe and Willems are of the recall by Respect Arizona, and for detailing Willems' plans for a "blocking campaign" to slow down the recall, using volunteers to disrupt the efforts of petition circulators who need 350,000 valid signatures from qualified electors by May 30 to force a special election.

The audio is a little over 24 minutes long, but is well worth listening to in full, as it may end up being the death cry of Republican Party dominance in this county, a GOP Gotterdammerung, one Willems almost predicts, albeit with fear and loathing.

"Keep in mind guys," Willems says at one point. "This is not necessarily about the sheriff. Okay? Remember how we used to raise money as a party off guys like Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton, and now we do it with [Nancy] Pelosi and Harry Reid? The Left raises money off of Joe Arpaio. He is the poster-boy.

"And so this group, this Adios Arpaio, this Promise Arizona, this Citizens for Better Arizona, all these different, lovely sounding groups are not necessarily focused specifically on Arpaio. Because they're going to use this effort, and they're doing it right now as we speak, [they're] registering more voters, registering Dreamers.

"Going door to door...getting people to turn in their early ballots, signing them up for permanent early voter status. And if they can go out and register another 50,000 people, I mean, now you're talking about a real [change] in this county -- legislative districts, statewide races, Congressional races, like we saw with the Parker race.

"They're using this to raise money because they're looking forward to 2014, 2016 and beyond. And if in the process they knock off Joe Arpaio, well, that's just icing on the cake."

In other words, it's the white man's last stand in Maricopa County. The brown wave's a-comin', rednecks. The people you fear -- they're young, and vibrant, and ready to boot you alter kocker crackers to the curb.

And I can't wait to watch them do it.

PS: Note to Chad, no one is registering Dreamers. They're not allowed to vote. They can't even get driver's licenses. Not yet, anyway.

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