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Joe Arpaio's "Corrective Statement" in Melendres Submitted to Federal Judge

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Snow still has to approve the document, which ultimately will be transmitted to all MCSO personnel.

But Casey, in a cover letter to Snow, noted that,

"Undersigned counsel understands from a telephonic conversation this afternoon with MCSO Chief Jack MacIntyre that Sheriff Arpaio and Chief Deputy Sheridan are agreeable to signing Exhibit 1 as written if approved by the Court."

Read the transcript of the April 3 status conference before Judge Snow.

Thus, making this a historic document, even more, in some ways, than Snow's judgement and subsequent orders. In it, the MCSO admits guilt, and instructs its deputies to abide by the court's ruling.

It includes such blanket statements as, "It is not a violation of state or federal criminal law to be in this country without authorization," and, "Race or ethnicity, including Latino or Hispanic ancestry or appearance, cannot be used in forming reasonable suspicion or probable cause."

If Arpaio or his supporters ever try to spin what happened in Melendres, this document can be thrown in their faces. Once Arpaio signs it, it will become the instant rebuttal to all of his lies.

In other words, his own signature will shut him up.

I reproduce the document below and encourage all to read it.

I'm also linking some new info about planned training for MCSO deputies on how not to violate the constitutional rights of those they stop.

One problem right off the bat: There are too many Arpaio hacks, such as Sheridan and Deputy Chief Jack MacIntyre, listed as proffered "instructors."

Hopefully, these flunkies will be weeded out by Snow, who during the last hearing in Melendres, promised to observe some of the training sessions himself.

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