Joe Arpaio's Deputies Go After Construction Workers for "Employer Sanction Operation" 67

After rounding up Mexican restaurant workers and patio-furniture repairmen, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office has carried out its third "employer sanctions operation" in the last two weeks, by arresting some construction workers this morning.

That marks Sheriff Arpaio's 67th "employer sanctions" operation"/illegal-immigrant roundup, as 15 workers at the Glendale-based United Construction Group were arrested for allegedly using false identifications.

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According to MCSO, the two other arrests were of suspected illegal immigrants who were actually at the place looking for work.

Again, Arpaio claims Immigration and Customs Enforcement "refused" to take these men, and they were handed over to Border Patrol.

"These individuals indirectly open up employee opportunities for businesses and help increase employment for those in the country legally," Arpaio says in a statement.

That is false, according to a policy study from the libertarian Cato Institute.

United Construction Group now is missing more than 12 percent of its workforce.

Including the two men arrested today who weren't actually employees, MCSO has rounded up 664 suspected illegal immigrants through 67 of these operations.

Of the ones forced to leave, most probably are back in the country by now. 

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