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Joe Arpaio's Ex-Deputy Arrested After Barricade Situation Is Ramon Charley Armendariz, Say Police Sources (w/Updates)

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The PPD reports that early this morning, the department's SWAT team "peaceably detained" an unidentified ex-deputy, who surrendered after a "barricade situation" at the deputy's home at North 32nd and West Eugie avenues.

The PPD further states in a news release that, "The subject was transported to an Urgent Psychiatric Center for an evaluation" and that "an MCSO investigation indicates there are charges pending against the subject and he will be booked into jail once released from the evaluation."

Though he's described as an "ex-MCSO deputy," I asked MCSO flack Lisa Allen as recently as Friday if Armendariz had been arrested or had resigned. She responded that there was no resignation letter in his personnel file.

Which doesn't exactly answer the question, but okay.

The PPD had a recent encounter with Armendariz at his home. What that entailed I'm not sure.

Reliable police sources also tell me that the MCSO's investigation of Armendariz involves allegations of illegal drug use.

In March 2008, Armendariz was involved in the detention of American citizens Manuel Nieto and Velia Meraz, a brother and sister whose mistake was playing Mexican music a little too loud as the MCSO was doing one of its infamous illegal immigration sweeps.

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