Joe Arpaio's Fantasy Ad Targeting Paul Penzone (Video)

Above is the ad we referenced yesterday, in which Sheriff Joe Arpaio's campaign pals introduce their own artistic interpretation of what happened between Arpaio-challenger Paul Penzone and his wife in a 2003 altercation.

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Arpaio's ad is "based on a true story" as much as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is -- and let's just say there was no massacre in Texas involving chainsaws.

From the woman in the ad having a black eye, to the narrator talking about Penzone "hitting a woman," to whatever shadowy object the man in the object is holding, and more, Arpaio's ad doesn't depict reality.

Again, Penzone still maintains -- almost a decade later -- that his wife hit him with a hockey stick. If you don't believe that, then he "challenge[s]" everyone to read the police report, and make your own decision.

The police report has been on the New Times website since July, and can be found here.

"I will answer to anyone and everyone, and run from nothing," Penzone said.

Indeed, he did answer everyone's questions yesterday, and noted that he didn't have to bring a dog (ahem) or his wife (ahem) to defend himself.

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